Promotion via influencers: audience analysis and strategies

input We track how more than 1000 companies and brands use influencers for promotion

input We analyse strategies of brands while promoting via influencers

input We conduct large-scale research of the influencers' audience

input We identify best influencers for promotion based on practice, not theory

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Identifying effective influencers based on following patterns:
  • - analysis of your competitors' marketing strategies;
  • - analysis of market leaders' marketing strategies;
  • - analysis of marketing campaigns of brands that have products similar to your products.


Knowing which influencers are effective to your competitors:
  • - identifying influencers similar by audience;
  • - identifying influencers with overlapping audience.


Filtering influencers according to specific parameters:
  • - availability of advertisement;
  • - mean views;
  • - thematic focus etc.

Develop a winning strategy by uncovering recent trends in influencer marketing and using data regarding similarity of influencers' audiences

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Study Best Practices of Influencer Marketing

Analyse detailed statistics on how industry leaders and companies with access to massive amounts of data biuld their Influencer Marketing strategies. Uncover hidden patterns in their starategies to build your own one.


Identify Influencer's Audience

Identify effective influencer channels and, on that basis, find influencers with similar audience to receive needed market coverage.


Track Competitors and Market Leaders

With our Data see which influencers cooperate with your competitors and market leaders. Then find influencers with similar audience and expand your market share.

Receive detailed statistics on how brands use influencers for promotion on different markets

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Analytical report: Promotion of world-famous electronics brands via Youtube influencers

This report provides detailed statistics on the promotion of world-famous electronic brands via Youtube influencers, starting from the beginning of 2019.