Statistics of Promotion via Influencers

input Custom research on how brands use influencers for promotion

input Formation of marketing campaigns based on statistics of promotions and characteristics of influencers

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 Custom research:

  • Analysis of promotion via Youtube and Instagram influencers by selected brands
  • Analysis of promotion through Youtube and Instagram influencers by selected channels
  • Development of strategy of promotion via influencers, taking into account current practices
  • The total number of promotion integrations, as well as the total number of video views with integrations both in general and for selected periods (for selected brands)
  • Dates and views of videos (posts) containing integrations, average and median views of content with integrations
  • Analysis of types of integrations
  • Finding influencers regularly collaborating with certain brands
  • Finding influencers with whom certain brands have stopped collaboration
  • Analysis of quantitative characteristics of influencer (percentage of content with integrations, indicators of views, likes, dislikes, comments and their ratio)
  • Determining the demand on advertising via the influencer (taking into account the frequency of advertising, a set of advertisers, type of advertisers)
  • Analysis of the intersection of the audience of influencers
  • Defining a unique audience
  • Determining the best strategy in terms of audience reach
  • Identification of thematic categories of videos that are commont for placind ads of certain brands
  • Estimation of promotion budget
  • Thematic characteristics of advertisers working with certain influencers
  • Expert conclusions